strengthen strength‧en [ˈstreŋθn, ˈstrenθn] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] ECONOMICS if a currency strengthens, or something strengthens it, the currency increases in value:

• The Singapore dollar has gradually strengthened against the pound and the US dollar.

• The G7 industrial nations might act later this month to strengthen the yen.

2. [transitive] ECONOMICS FINANCE to improve the financial situation of a country, company etc:

• These measures are designed to strengthen the company's market position.

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strengthen UK US /ˈstreŋθən/ verb
[T] to make something more effective or powerful: »

A discussion paper aiming to strengthen the EU's competition regime has been circulated amongst commissioners.


Research and development expenses amounted to €76m in the first six months, reflecting the company's desire to further strengthen its technological leadership.


Recent efforts have been made to strengthen the role of outside directors.

strengthen your position/performance/control »

Mobile operators need to strengthen their control over revenue and profit.

strengthen laws/regulations/mechanisms »

The Oil Conservation Division is in the process of trying to strengthen regulations over oil waste pits.

[I or T] FINANCE if the financial position of a company, economy, etc. strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it improves: »

Proceeds of the sale will be used to pay off existing debt in order to strengthen the balance sheet.


Year-on-year GDP growth continued to strengthen in the first quarter.

be strengthened (by sth) »

Their market position has been strengthened by the purchase of their main US rival.

[I or T] MONEY if a currency strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it increases in value compared to other currencies: »

The euro strengthened against the dollar.


a strengthening dollar/euro/yen, etc.

strengthen sb's hand — Cf. strengthen sb's hand

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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